- Alex Podolinsky, Bio-Dynamic Pioneer

Largely due to awakening consumer awareness: Agriculture is faced with change. Bio-Dynamic and organic farming organizations, old and new, have contributed.
But for decades they were not considered by Government authorities, were even hindered – and still are in some regards – by unnecessary regulations.

Consumers demand nutritious and unpoisoned food.
Votes are at stake.
Political parties in power take notice.
Ministers press the scientific establishment of their Department.

There has, however, been no new recognition pertaining to a change of scientific agricultural method within the agricultural establishment.
Government Departments have no expertise in advising conventional broad-acre farmers on land dependent on fertilizer and chemical inputs on how to farm
naturally and without undesirable chemicals. The appointment of a staff member to act as “organic adviser” may be politically opportune,
but does not mean that this person has the experience to so act.
Long term new Research Schemes, comparing organic with conventional methods, await results.
However, similar trials were undertaken earlier this century by people conversant with organic methods.

The Victorian Agriculture Department may be one step ahead by enlisting some co-operation with natural farming organizations.
This also awaits proof by results.

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Halfway back last century the German chemist Justus von Liebig discovered that plants can take in essential elements only when in water soluble form i.e.,
not directly from the rock. Quickly, ways were developed to make insoluble elements soluble, and the artificial fertiliser industry began.
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