- Alex Podolinsky, Bio-Dynamic Pioneer
The Bio-Dynamic Agricultural Method developed from advice and instruction given from 1922 to 1925, by the scientist and philosopher, Rudolf Steiner.
In 1924 Steiner gave a series of lectures, addressing the situation of Agriculture in direct response to requests on how to reverse the problems of loss of vitality in crops - which had became noticeable since the introduction of chemical fertilisers.
These series of lectures later became known as the “Agricultural Course”.

The first group of landholders and scientists inspired by Rudolf Steiner decided to name the arising Agriculture the “Bio-Dynamic Method”.
The term derives from two Greek words “bios” (life) and “dynamis” (energizing or motive force).
The use of the word “method” indicates that one is not dealing merely with another “organic input system”, but rather that certain principles are involved which in their practical application secure healthy soil and plants, which in turn produce nutritious food for animals and man.

The task of developing the details for practical application of Steiner’s indications was entrusted to a number of his co-workers.
The foremost of these were Lily Kolisko and Ehrenfried Pfeiffer.

Lily Kolisko was able to scientifically verify that substances present in only the minutest quantities (dilutions to the 100Billion’s) could indeed produce
both positive and negative effects on plants and animals. This was in the period of 1924 to about 1930, before the value of trace elements,
or “discovery” of vitamins had occurred. Of course since then modern agriculture not only recognizes the importance of these, but also includes in its growing list,
substances such as hormones, enzymes, amino acids, humic acids and many other substance required in minutest amounts to act as bio-catalysts.

Ehrenfried Pfeiffer dedicated himself to refining the method of production of the Bio-Dynamic preparations
(specially prepared herb, mineral and manure substances applied to compost, soil and plants);
and to establishing the quantities and rates of application of these substances.
He was also a leading bacteriologist and at the forefront of the then emerging new science of nutrition.
Steiner had already drawn Pfeiffer’s attention to the important role of the “finer elements” (now called trace elements),
in connection with health and proper physiological functioning. Pfeiffer did numerous trials and experiments to understand and show the effects of biocatalysts;
trace elements, enzymes, growth hormones and “other transmitters of energy reactions”.
Pfeiffer attributed part of the effectiveness of the Bio-Dynamic preparations to their biocatalyst activity.

Steiner was adamant that the new Agricultural Method should become as widely practiced as possible in order to heal the Earth and improve the nutritive quality of its produce. This need was openly discussed with Peiffer, who later expressed frustration that the method was being restricted to members of the Anthroposophic Society.
(This was in part due to the fact that the discussions/indications given in the Agricultural Course presupposed a former knowledge of Steiner’s Anthroposophic teachings.)

A huge breakthrough came when Alex Podolinsky took up Steiner’s challenge of making the method available to “all farmers”.
Applying and refining the method on his own farm, and then by working closely with professional farmers from a multitude of enterprises since the early 1950’s,
Podolinsky was able to bring the indications of Steiner’s down to a more practical level.
He supported his very keen observations with a clear and conscious methodicity of explanation and understanding.
He was the first to recognize that plants have two types of root systems; one for the uptake of water which supports the transpiration process;
and much finer white “hair roots” which are the feeder roots.
Under both natural, and correctly managed bio-dynamic systems, these two processes occur independently of each other.
With artificially fertilized, or even organically fertilized systems, the feeder root system is often impaired or even destroyed.
Due to Podolinsky’s life long dedication to the Australian DEMETER Bio-Dynamic Method, he has been at the forefront of providing farmers world wide with a sustainable, health imbibing alternative Agricultural method.

Many Australian, as well as European and other country, farmers have embraced this practical application of the Bio-Dynamic Method,
which, if correctly applied, does not rely on large, or even any, amounts of off farm inputs.
The results of their efforts are clearly visible in the humus formation and soil re-structuring that occurs on their farms, often in a very short space of time.