- Alex Podolinsky, Bio-Dynamic Pioneer
The Bio-Dynamic Research Institute was founded in 1957, and is involved in research and practical development of the Australian DEMETER Bio-Dynamic Method of Agriculture. In 1967 it was vested with the rights and supervision of the DEMETER Trademark in Australia. Part of this role is the certification of DEMETER quality products. Operators that meet exacting quality Standards may apply for certification to use our prestigious quality mark on their products.
The Bio-Dynamic Research Institute itself is a non-profit company engaging ethical practices. It is not a certification business in the current sense of this term. Rather it demands highest quality application of the bio-dynamic method, strongly supports family farms and businesses, and encourages community based, sustainable, ecological activities. The Research Institute has stood firm and committed to its charter under the current corporatization that is occurring within the organic industry.

Product which carries our DEMETER Bio-Dynamic Mark meet The Australian DEMETER Bio-Dynamic Standard
which incorporates the requirements of the
National Standard for Organic and Bio-Dynamic Produce.

Under this Standard:
The Bio-Dynamic Research Institute has been accredited by the Commonwealth Government (DAFF Biosecurity) Organic Program,
as a recognized Approved Certifying Organisation
Our certification is recognized as meeting the EU Organic Regulation Requirements
We have recognition within the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) family of Organic Standards ,
and DEMETER Bio-Dynamic certification is recognized by Australia’s Humane Society International as meeting their ethical livestock needs,
and is listed by them as a recognized certification organization .
But our Mark
represents even more than this!
Our produce is grown from Biological-Dynamic agricultural methods founded on a holistic perception of Nature.
We use not only biological, but also dynamic practices that specially activate the life of soil and plants.
The Australian DEMETER Bio-Dynamic Method requires understanding of, and appreciation for, the appreciation of Nature and the need to work within the laws of Nature,
as well as seeing the farm as a living individuality. Each and every farm and farmer is different, therefore our Method has no single recipe to offer.
There are basic principles to understand, but each farmer must be constantly active in supporting the life of their farm in all areas of their operation.
Our farmers develop special skills to:
“culture” the soil
thus reviving the original meaning of the word AGRI-Culture (soil culture).
A new sensitivity and respect for Nature arises in the farmer.

understand the plant in Nature’s context
not isolated and grown only from the minerals in the soil.
They recognize two types of root systems, one for water uptake, one for feeding,
and that growing plants are affected by two polar sets of environmental influences termed terrestrial and cosmic growth factors.
It is from the cosmic growth factors that plants derive their fine fragrance, flavor, and deep rich colours.

use special preparations
made from herbs, manure and stone-meal.
These preparations allow a plant to grow to its full potential in health and vitality under influence of both terrestrial and cosmic environment,
resulting in nutritious and edifying food.
Animals and Humans feeding on such plants are healthy and vibrant.