- Alex Podolinsky, Bio-Dynamic Pioneer
The Australian DEMETER and bio-dynamic symbol is an assurance of quality produce.
To receive Australian DEMETER Bio-Dynamic Certification a farm must demonstrate soil structure development.
Australian Demeter Bio-Dynamic certification is not limited to members of the BDAAA or BDGAI.
It is available to any farm and its operator meeting the requirements of “The Australian Demeter Bio-Dynamic Standard”.
The Standard also details the requirements for Processors, Wholesalers, Retailers, Importers and Exporters of Demeter Bio-Dynamic Produce.
Membership of the BDAAA or BDGAI does not guarantee or automatically mean that a member of either organisation
will be registered under Australian Demeter Bio-Dynamic certification.
An operator must apply to the Bio-Dynamic Research Institute for registration as a user of the Demeter Bio-Dynamic trademark.
The application forms can be downloaded in pdf format at the bottom of this page.

Below is a summary of the Australian Demeter Bio-Dynamic certification system and the certification process.
A.1 The certification system of the Bio-Dynamic Research Institute involves:
i) Inspection of the operator production/processing unit and/or premises to assess compliance with the Australian Demeter Bio-Dynamic Standard
(which incorporates the National Standard for Organic and Bio-Dynamic Produce)
- at least annually, and
- may also include random and unannounced inspections;
ii) Random testing of soil, water and/or product for substances not compatible with the Standard.

A.2 The certification system is audited by the Australian Government via the DAFF Biosecurity (formerly AQIS) Organic Program,
which also provides Government-to-Government assurances that the Institute is implementing its duties.
This Government program assesses that the Bio-Dynamic Research Institute certification system complies with:
i) The National Standard for Organic and Bio-Dynamic Produce
ii) The Export Control (Organic Produce Certification) Orders
iii) The Administrative Arrangements, and
iv) Importing Country Regulations

B.1 When an operator believes he/she meets the requirements outlined in the National Standard for Organic and Bio-Dynamic Produce AND the requirements detailed in
The Australian DEMETER Bio-Dynamic Standard, he/she may apply to the Bio-Dynamic Research Institute for certification as a DEMETER Trademark user.

B.2 To apply for certification as a DEMETER Trademark user, an operator must complete and return to the Bio-Dynamic Research Institute
the information requested in the Application Form provided by the Research Institute (Application Forms link).

B.3 Upon receipt of an application for DEMETER Registration,
an appointed officer of the Bio-Dynamic Research Institute will ensure all requested information has been completed.

B.3.1 If the necessary information has been supplied, and the submission appears to meet the criteria required by
the National Standard for Organic and Bio-Dynamic Produce and the Australian DEMETER Bio-Dynamic Standard,
an officer representing the Bio-Dynamic Research Institute Council will either:

a) arrange for an Institute inspector to inspect the operation and premises of the applicant, or
b) appoint a suitably qualified person to inspect the operation and the premises.

Note: An applicant or certified operator has no right to choose their own inspector.
In applying for, or renewing, DEMETER certification the applicant/operator will agree to co-operate with the inspector appointed by the Research Institute.

B.3.2 If the necessary information has not been supplied or is incomplete, the applicant will be requested to provide the necessary information.

B.4. The designated inspector will undertake an inspection, where he/she completes an Inspection Report.
The report and recommendation are sent to the Bio-Dynamic Research Institute Review Committee.

B.5 The Review Committee will then determine whether the application for DEMETER Registration meets all of the requirements set out in the Standard.

The certification process takes an average of three months from receipt of an application form, until the Review Committee indicates its decision.
The procedure will be delayed if an inspector is unable to arrange an inspection within one month of receipt of the application.

B.6 If an applicant is successful he/she will be required to sign an Agreement with the Institute.
Upon the Institute’s receipt of the signed Agreement (one copy retained by the Institute and one copy returned to the applicant)
a Certificate indicating that the applicant is recognised as an authorised user of the DEMETER Trademark will then be issued.

B.7 Where an applicant does not meet the requirements for DEMETER registration, a letter will be sent outlining where the deficiencies have occurred.

C.1 So long as the authorised user continues to meet the requirements outlined in the Standard he/she will be eligible for a renewal of the certificate each year
as outlined in The Australian Demeter Bio-Dynamic Standard.

C.2 As part of the certificate renewal process, each Authorised User of the DEMETER Trademark will be issued with a Trademark Renewal and Information Form
before the end of each trademark year.
The authorised user must provide the information requested on this form, and return the signed Renewal Form, along with the current certification fee, to the Institute.

C.3 Provided points C.1 and C.2 have been fulfilled, the Institute will send the authorised user a new DEMETER certificate to cover the new Trademark year.


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